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This came out way BETTER than I expected;;


I really like headcanons about baby Draco being in awe of Harry.

Baby Draco growing up in a house laden with books that contained accounts of Harry defeating Voldemort as an infant.

Baby Draco reading the stories to Dobby by candlelight late at night with a blanket and pumpkin tea, and in time…

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okay so eighth year hogwarts

harry feels super guilty over how he’s always dismissed the slytherins over the past few years and so after potions he pulls malfoy aside and is like

"listen malfoy i’d really like to say sorry i don’t think you’re a bad person you never wanted to do anything that…

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drarry au in which the slytherins slip draco a 24-hour love potion so that he falls in love with harry potter

and they’re all laughing watching him drink it and they watch him all day waiting for him to make a fool of himself

and he doesn’t act any different

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one time some guy asked for my number and he was really nice but i’m in a relationship so i just said no and he was like “no worries, take it as flattery then”

THAT’S how you handle rejection, not by stabbing a girl in the fucking neck

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